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    ASSEMBLE 12noon

    BBC Portland Place – nearest tube Oxford Circus – March to Whitehall

    Speakers include:

    • Diane Abbott MP on the anti-racist alternative to the Tories’ damaging approach to migrants & refugees
    • Gary Younge on Trump and the rise of the racist right
    • Emma Dent Coad MP for Kensington, on why #Grenfell survivors need housing and justice now
    • Claude Moraes MEP on the serious threat of the far-right in Europe
    • Sally Hunt, TUC President, on trade unions challenging racism
    • Kevin Courtney NEU Joint Gen Sec, on the vital role migrants play in the education system
    • Roger McKenzie – UNISON Ass Gen Sec on defending the rights of migrant workers in public services
    • Myriam Kane, NUS NEC on the role of students in the struggle against racism
    • David Rosenberg, Jewish Socialist Group on the need for unity against racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism & the far right
    • Talha Ahmad, Muslim Council of Britain on the shocking rise of Islamophobic hate crime
    • Shahrar Ali, Green Party Home Affairs Spokesperson
    • Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine
    • Friends of the Earth speaker
    • Sabby Dhalu & Weyman Bennett, Co-Convenors, Stand Up To Racism on building a powerful movement against racism.

    As well as London, marches in Cardiff and Glasgow will be taking place. Glasgow Branch Socialist Party members will be leafletting that event. 


    Cardiff march 12.30pm Grange GardensBus from Swansea – TICKETS: £4 waged or £2 unwaged. text 07506 362540 for your tickets.Glasgow Holland St, at 11.30, then march to George Square rally.


    Handed out 50-60 Socialist Standards in Cardiff today.


    Went to the BBC and the Guardian websites for a report on the marches – nothing.


    Did come across an Independent article on the marches of a march in Glasgow said around 1,500 campaigners took to the streets.The BBC, however, did make space to celebrate Kate and Harry on a St Patrick Day parade and report on a Welsh St Patrick Day event…


    A passing BBC Scotland mention

    Rusty Pigfumbler

    Get it right, it's Kate and William.

    Rusty Pigfumbler

    Just had a peep at the SWP youtube fillum of this march. Has anyone else noticed, as I have, that apart from the faces put up for interview, there are very few black and asian people on these marches? Used to be the same at the Anti-Nazis League demos in the '70s. I used to think then 'if they can't be bothered, why should we?'  And it's all right for AJ sat out there in Paraguay or wherever it is he pretends to be ( a mildewed Maryhill maisonette if truth be told). It's minus 7 over here mate.

    Rusty Pigfumbler wrote:
    And it's all right for AJ sat out there in Paraguay or wherever it is he pretends to be ( a mildewed Maryhill maisonette if truth be told). It's minus 7 over here mate.

    A.J. makes a huge contribution to the work of socialists and plays an active part in the Party's work.Apart from your irrelevant flames and quips I don't think you are doing all that much in Norfolk.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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