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    This article is correct in pointing out that food sufficiency is affected strongly by the current market driven system, which produces in response to effective demand i.e. demand from those who can afford to pay. It is true that there is also waste, misdirected production and unexploited resources: addressing these could increase food production. However, against that one should set the current overexploitation of finite energy, water and soil resources and the impact of climate change, all factors which will limit future agricultural productivity. Moreover, much of the world is moving to a less efficient meat based diet.

    Rising population and per capita consumption also impacts the availability of other commodities, increases pollution and reduces biodiversity and quality of life. Reducing income disparity would be welcome, as would measures to help people control their own fertility. These are primarily greater access to family planning, sexual equality and improving economic opportunities for the very poor. We also need to argue that a sustainable, responsible lifestyle includes having a smaller family. Importantly, this is as or more important in high consumption developed countries as it is in the developing coutries where population growth is fastest.


    Simon Ross

    Population Matters

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