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    4. We will consider the impact of COP26 and of our actions on the people of Glasgow. We will consult with potentially affected communities, and avoid taking actions that disproportionately disrupt the daily lives of marginalised groups, including people of colour, disabled people, working class people, those living with poverty and homelessness, and migrants and refugees that now call Glasgow home.

    XR Scotland’s COP26 Rebel Agreement

    Just how is this going to happen? Their website doesn’t offer a process.


    A train-wreck of a TV appearance by Insulate Britain spokesperson


    “1% of people cause 50% of aviation pollution”

    Farnborough airport has 30,000 private flights a year, each with an average of 2.3 passengers, each passenger responsible for emitting 20x more carbon than passengers on an economy flight to🇪🇸

    Farnborough airport has permission to expand to 50,000 private flights a year 😱

    Farnborough Airport entrances blocked by protesters https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-57858103


    Looks as if the workers are beginning to fight back against what the Daily Mail, not entirely unfairly, calls “the hated eco-mob”.

Viewing 4 posts - 391 through 394 (of 394 total)
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