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January 2021

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    “Honour their sacrifice, climate change means war.”

    In a statement, the activist group highlighted a Ministry of Defence-commissioned report, published in June, which warned of the “growing recognition that climate change may aggravate existing threats to international peace and security”.


    An analysis of the media smears against XR for laying a wreath at the Cenotaph.

    The Dead and Those about to Die: Climate Protests and the Corporate Media


    Money Rebellion…not at all as radical as it sounds but a campaign of debt and tax strikes.

    Extinction Rebellion launches campaign of financial disobedience | Extinction Rebellion | The Guardian



    I was going to mention that but you beat me to it. I suppose that if you think that the end of the world is nigh you might be prepared to risk losing where you live or getting a bad credit record (or alienating everybody).

    I noticed that one of their leaders, Gail Bradbrook, is quoted as saying in today’s Times:

    ”One of things that has really held back change on the environment is this perception that it’s a ‘leftwing’ thing.”

    By which I take it she means bringing “capitalism” into it. And why the Guardian didn’t quote her on that?

    XR seems more like a cult than anything else.


    Money Rebellion would have been a good slogan for those of our ilk…to make it actually mean something substantive.

    Perhaps the theme of a future SS issue.

    Young Master Smeet

    I wonder how their 3.5% theory holds up against the evidence of Millions of Trump voters, and plenty of Qanon influenced  groups.  Maybe we’ll see over the next 4 years.

Viewing 6 posts - 361 through 366 (of 366 total)
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