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    We read th ample warnings from experts that if the vaccine was not distributed rapidly in Africa, new mutations would arise. Exactly what has happened – omicron.

    Dr Ulrich Elling, a molecular biologist at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Vienna said the first estimates indicate the new variant “might be 500% more infectious than delta.”

    “Delta was about 60% more infectious than alpha, so the spread that we will see around the globe is going to be much faster than we saw it for delta.”

    Wolfgang Preiser, the head of Medical Virology at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, told DW that the new virus may evade the immune system, which “means it can infect people who’ve been infected before and recovered.”

    Time will tell


    Former member Shane Roberts, who, unlike me, is still working as a nurse, recently replied to this article:
    Only One Side Gets to Tell Their Story When Nurses Disagree About Covid – The Daily Sceptic

    ‘Not sure about the Daily Sceptic article- yes, they should have been allowed to have it published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, but ultimately it still reads like an intellectual version of unwarranted conspiracy theories.

    In any conspiracy, someone must ultimately benefit from the deception, otherwise what is the point of it? And for such a conspiracy to literally encompass the whole world- that’s a lot of people to be “in” on it!

    The best justification I have found for it all to be a hoax (or, at best, exaggerated) is that all the PPE appears to be made in China. I have joked about this to various people but never advanced it as a serious suggestion. Otherwise- who benefits? Everyone is affected by these policies- arguably the poor to a greater extent but it’s still, to say the least, a major inconvenience to everyone. I can assure you that we in the NHS have to wear masks at all times at work, and socially distance- yes, we may have relaxed our standards to a degree but they are still there. Twice-weekly lateral flow testing? Yes, we are obliged (or, technically, “strongly advised”) to do that- why, if there is no real threat?

    Yes, it’s a nuisance (to say the least), but to deny its seriousness is to me highly irresponsible. As the old saying goes, freedom of speech does not mean the right to shout “Fire!” in a crowded theatre. I agree that there is something that doesn’t quite ring true about the whole thing, but, thinking logically, I am forced to conclude that this is only due to my lack of experience of anyone (seriously) affected by COVID.’


    The outcome of Pieter Lawrence’s campaign was this compromise resolution carried by Conference in 1991:

    “That this Conference recognises that rules and regulations, and democratic procedures for making and changing them and for deciding if they have been infringed, will exist in socialist society. Whereas a ruling class depends on the maintenance of laws to ensure control of class society, a classless society obtains social cohesion through its socialisation process without resorting to a coercive machinery. However, in view of the fact that in socialist theory the word “law” means a social rule made and enforced by the state, and in view of the fact that the coercive machinery that is the state will be abolished in socialist society, this Conference decides that it is inappropriate to talk about laws, law courts, a police force and prisons existing in a socialist society.”

    Are any of the documents relating to this conference available online? I’d be particularly interested in reading Peiter’s motion and any responces to it.


    Here is the chapter on “Socialism and Law” which Pieter Lawrence published privately. It puts his case for retaining “law” in socialism.

    He also brought out a pamphlet on it.

    What he insisted on calling “law” most of the rest of us called “regulations”. Is there a difference?

    Bijou Drains

    Pieter’s contribution is, as I would have imagined, thorough, well written and compelling. I would, however, add that the causation and development of anti social personality disorder, child abuse, domestic abuse, controlling and coercive behaviour, etc. has more complex explanations than mere poverty or poor conditions.

    Although the stresses of the current economic system have their part to play, abuse, coercive control and domestic violence are no respecters of economic class. Familial patterns of poor parenting and attachment difficulties have long roots. Reducing the impact of this by the liberation of people from the capitalist system will have an impact on this, but many, many years of hard work and generations of support will be required to overcome the impact of this.

    As a result of this in the immediate post revolutionary period agencies such as Child Protection Services, Adult Safeguarding Services, psychiatric services, welfare systems, family support and family dispute mediation and oversight will still be required. As such it will be necessary to have a rule based system, that is competently run and which is resourced effectively, all based on truly democratic system.

    A recognition of this by the Party would go along way of overcoming the doubts that sympathetic others have expressed about the Socialist case.


    A newly formed socialist society is bound to inherit many nasty problems which will require some form of regulation. But I’m not sure they will take generations to fix. A society that is no longer sick at its roots won’t be breeding as many sick people, and I imagine the first generation to be born into that society will have a totally different outlook on life.
    Just think how quickly attitudes and behaviour can change even in capitalism.
    I daresay one big issue will be how the majority keeps a difficult minority in line, when that minority for whatever reason is determined to cause trouble.


    Australian Sky TV presenter embarrassed into making an apology for blaming South Sudanese immigrants for Covid-19 outbreak with a series of lies.


    A report that will be seized upon by the anti-vaxxers and anti-mandate protesters

    Since the onset of the coronavirus crisis, a slew of automated decision-making (ADM) systems were adopted in haste and with almost no transparency, no adequate safeguards, and insufficient democratic debate, according to AlgorithmWatch


    With and without the pandemic we have been under surveillance for many years and even more presidents and ministers have been under surveillance and freedom is only a legal illusion under the capitalist society, we are slaves without chains in our feet


    An example of the coronavirus conspiracy writers

    Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr.’s Heroic Resistance to the CIA’s Continuing Covid Coup D’état

    the Covid-19 crisis is an intelligence-run operation controlled by spooks working with medical technocrats


    Reading comics books and science fiction magazines nobody can learn anything. It has been proven 100 or thousands of times that most diseases and pandemic come from animal and they are transmitted to human beings ( or life, which is the proper term ) and deforestation has contributed to the spread of many diseases

    Those guys are just looking for weapons of mass destruction in China like they did with Iraq, they blame the problems on everything except on capitalism itself, they are just agent of this society.

    It has been proven that there was a similar virus in the Asian world more than 25,000 years ago, and the virus also was detected in California, Spain and Italy several years ago.

    Now the USA farmers are saying that they need bats for agriculture and two years ago they wanted to kill all the bats, and they are legally protected in the USA, and there is an international organization which protect bats, animals and plants keep and ecological balance in the earth


    How Omicron was discovered

    “Science is about collaboration,”

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