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    Never before heard of him but in this interview, Joe Lombardo, anti-war activist, makes some valid points.

    Joe Lombardo Interview 

    “…I believe there is a ruling class that determines international policy based upon their perceived class interests, and who make the rest of us fight their wars and pay the bills. They control the 2 main parties and their politicians through financial control. They also control the media, the police and courts and the military. They don’t all necessarily agree on what to do, so differing opinions are debated through the Republican and Democratic Parties. I don’t believe that there is a “deep state” that works independently of that ruling class to determine policy…”

    “…We have no common “national interests.” The obscenely wealthy, who run the country, have one set of interests and the working people have another. Our national security is not guaranteed by the military but by good jobs, healthcare, education and by satisfying human needs and seriously addressing climate change. We need a society with a much more equal distribution of wealth…”

    Of course it is disappointing that he continues the left-wing call for a mere redistribution of wealth and views only one nation as imperialist.


    The United National Antiwar Coalition is affiliated to – maybe even a front for – the Workers World Party. Not saying he’s a member or a fellow-traveller of the WWP. He might just be a useful idiot for them.

    Though the WWP has it historic roots in the American Socialist Workers Party, they’re best described as tankies at this point.

    Not a fan.

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