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    Mention of Comrade Ernie McKone (who died in 1978) here:



    ERNIE McKONEDeath struck Haringey Branch for the third time in recent months with the passing of Comrade E.L. (Ernie) McKone. at the age of 79.   Ernie first came into contact with the Party in 1918 through its outdoor meetings. He had been in the army during the First World War but deserted in France after stopping by a pond to take a drink and seeing a human arm floating in the water.  At one point in the early forties there were four McKones in the Party – Ernie, his son and two brothers.   Like a number of members, he had to drop out of Party activities during the 1939-45 war but rejoined in 1956.Being self-employed he was able to speak his mind freely and would often button-hole passers-by outside his house and put the Socialist case to them.  Despite declining health in later years he was a regular attender at the Branch and was constantly urging it into activity.   Our sympathathies go to his wife and family.JULIAN VEIN(Socialist Standard, November 1978)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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