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Notes By The Way: Should Women Have Equal Pay with Men?


Should Women Have Equal Pay with Men?

The French Movement for Abundance

In France, before and just after the last world war, a group known as the Mouvement Français pour I’Abondance (MFA) enjoyed some success, to such an extent that its theories are now referred to in most French dictionaries under the word abondance. The key figure in this movement, which still exists today though divided into a number of rival groups, was Jacques Duboin. Born in 1878 he had briefly been a junior Minister and a Radical Deputy in the 1920s. The slump which followed the 1929 Crash, however, set him thinking about economic and social matters and led him to elaborate a “theory of abundance”, first sketched in La Grande Releve des Hommes par la Machine in 1932, and to found a movement which after the war became the MFA.


Such is the title of the paper published by the Green Shirt Movement for Social Credit, and the following quotations are taken from an article in issue No. 20, dated the 25th November, 1933.

Some of the headings to this article read as follows:—"Men of Britain," "Fight or Starve." "Votes are Useless," etc., and the quotations thus: — "This is Britain under the domination of Threadneedle Street through a corrupt Parliament." "Insurrection the only way out." "The Green Shirt Movement is welding the workers and unemployed of this country into a fighting weapon which will soon, on the streets of every town and city in this country, throw down the challenge to the Bankers' Combine." "We must fill the country with trained men willing to sacrifice all in this final bid."

These extracts briefly explain the object of the Green Shirt Movement, and, in spite of such nonsense, if we believe them, the movement is growing.

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