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Letters to the Editor

Letters: Caught Napping


I notice in the current issue of our Party Organ a "Letter to Irish Workers," by Mr. Thos. Brown. Although there is nothing to lead one to suppose that that letter was written by a member of the Party, and bears evidence (to the initiated), in the absence of the usual comradely salutations, that it was not, I think that some more definite disclaimer should have accompanied the letter, provided, of course, I am right in my surmise as to its authorship.

Our Attitude Toward The International

We have received the two following letters from a reader in America, and are glad, in order to make our reply more “strong, official, and efficacious,” as well as to refresh the memory of certain of our critics at home, to give both these letters and our reply the publicity of these columns.

Morgantown, West Virginia,
United States, North America.
December 18, 1912.
To The Socialist Party of Great Britain,
                                           London, England. 
Comrades,—A quarre

Correspondence: The Collapse of Capitalism

Letter to the Editors
Dear Editor,—
I read with great interest your article entitled “The Collapse of Capitalism.”
There seems a great difference between "Capitalism in Collapse” and “Capitalism in imminent Collapse.” As the Communist Party of Russia has pointed out—the collapse may be extended over a period of years; Lenin says ten years.
The final stage of collapse will not be caused by production of commodities ceasing, but by the lack of world markets.

Letters: A Question On Our Pamphlet: "The Socialist Party—Its Principles and Policy"

    We received the following letter from Mr. Simcox to which we replied. He now asks us to print his letter and our reply.

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