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Letters to the Editor

Letters: A Question On Our Pamphlet: "The Socialist Party—Its Principles and Policy"

    We received the following letter from Mr. Simcox to which we replied. He now asks us to print his letter and our reply.

Letters: Asked and Answered

     We have been asked by the writer of the following letter to reply to it in the Socialist Standard.

Maida Vale, W.9.
The Socialist Standard.

Dear Sir,

I have heard it stated by socialists who are members and non-members of the Socialist Party of Great Britain, that a person cannot be a socialist and a doctor at the same time.

Their reason is that the activities of doctors hinder in the efforts of obtaining Socialism.

By this they mean that drugs and other chemicals which doctors use have in the long run detrimental effects on the human body.

They continue by stating that the medical approach to disease by suppressive methods, such as drugs, lead to other dangerous diseases.

All this they claim has also a detrimental effect on the brain-functions.

Letters:The Outlook for Socialism

 A reader who was present at an S.P.G.B. meeting and heard members of the audience trying to shout down the speaker writes as follows:

"In view of the fact it was practically impossible to hear the Speaker, the very able Mr. Cash. for the cries from the crowd, "We want Mosely," and "Down with the Communists" (what an insult to hurl at an S.P.G.B.'er!) I should just like to know how you propose to teach the Socialism of Karl Marx to a crowd of this description. Perhaps you could enlighten me in the columns of the Socialist Standard. Perhaps!!!

Yours, etc., R.S.B."


Letters: Is Socialism Only a Dream?

 To The Editorial Committee.

Dear Friends,

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