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Karl Kautsky

From Handicraft to Capitalism (by Karl Kautsky, 1906)

From Handicraft to Capitalism (by Karl Kautsky, 1906)

S.P.G.B. Library No. 2.

Translated from the German by H. J. Neumann for The Socialist Party of Great Britain and approved by the Author.



By the courtesy of our Comrade Karl Kautsky—to whom we are indebted, not only for his readily accorded permission to reproduce in English, but also for his personal correction of the proofs of our translation— we are able to publish as our second contribution to the Socialist library which we are anxious to build up, the first section of Kautsky's famous book, Das Erfurter Programme, a section which has already appeared through the columns of the Party Organ, The Socialist Standard.


The “Intellectuals”and Party Principles

By Karl Kautsky

[The decision of the Chemnitz Congress to exclude Hildebrandt from the German Social Democratic Party has done more than simply provide subject for comment in the capitalist and proletarian journals and reviews. It has given rise to a manifesto supported by a hundred Revisionists, who pretend to see in the expulsion an attack on freedom of opinion and the “rights of science”.

Kautsky had already shown in the Neue Zeit that the charge of “excommunication”is absurd. He replies to the manifesto of Bernstein, Frank, Südekum, and company in another article, of which the second part has too wide a bearing not to be given in translation to our readers. Its interest is general.

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