WSPUS Magazine

World Socialist, the new quarterly journal of the World Socialist Party of the United States is now being printed in London for sale from Head Office

The first 2 editions are now available to order priced £5 for each edition, including UK P&P (or £8 each for overseas orders):

Fall, 2020 (Vol 1 No 1)
Winter, 2021 (Vol 2 No 1)
36 or 40 pages, US Letter size (279 x 216mm)

Ordering options:

1) Post. Send orders with your name and address and details of how many of which edition you require to: The Socialist Party, 52 Clapham High Street, London SW4 7UN.

Cheques / money orders payable to ‘Socialist Party of Great Britain’.

2) Email – pay by:
Bank transfer to S P G B (that’s with 3 spaces) Sort Code 090155 Account 00442908 (BIC: GB43ABBY09015500442908)
PayPal to

Then please email your payment reference and order details (as above) to

Please allow time for delivery— this is being offered at cost price and in order to minimise postal charges most copies will be despatched via our monthly Royal Mail bulk collection.

Multiple order enquiries: Please email

World Socialist is also available online and in print from