Dear Editors,

 I was interested to read Gwynn Thomas’s article on Kosovo (and Soros) in the April  issue.

 In the 1990s, the OSCE created a democracy fund to ‘democratise’ East Europe. Reagan and
Hurd ‘warned’ Rumania and the GDR, respectively, in their elections, that unless opposition parties
enjoyed “reasonable access” to (state-controlled) media, the resulting administration would not
enjoy access to low-interest loans from Western banks.

 As an enthusiastic investor in/supporter of “democratic” capitalism, Bob Maxwell donated
(with others’ money?) to the OSCE fund—and ‘emerged’ with a Polish TV station and a Hungarian
newspaper, if I recollect.

 And, in the 1996 Bosnian election, a fascist candidate was able to access the OSCE fund, for
politicking/propagandising purposes. The Foreign Office denied it had contributed to the support
fund, but claimed Italy had provided the funds. I thought all funds were usually contributed to
pro-rata (Guardian article and Foreign Office correspondence to me.)


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