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Poem: Have a Mice Day

Grinning like a Cheshire cat,
spreading like the black plague rat.

Piper of the cold brass band
leading us down Mousehole land.

Where the wild winds never blow
and the candied cockerels crow.

“Apple pie folk march this way
past the low-paid dwarfs at play.

Catch the wicked Queen at work
trained by mice in snow white shirts.

Feel the thrill of Cinder’s squeal
at the plastic slippers feel.

Watch the knights with Colgate teeth
slay the dragon when they breathe.

Hear young Billy chirp once more,
who’s the smartest on the draw?”

“Them,” the Frog Prince gives a croak
from his well of charm-free coke.

“Listen, sugarlumpen tribes
swallowing the Beastie’s bribes.

Too much cheese can make life scream
when the micemen trap your dreams”.

David Bishop