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Party News: The Socialist Standard Readers’ Survey

Following the survey of our readers’ opinions in the November issue — and we thank the 15 percent who replied — we have decided to take various steps to improve our coverage and presentation. As from the this issue the number of pages will be increased to 24 and the number of regular columns and features will be expanded.

This improved, more weighty Socialist Standard will increase our postal costs, so the normal subscription rate (which has remained unchanged for the last five years) goes up to £10. The lower rate for the unwaged, however, stays at £5.

Some years ago we introduced a higher, supporters’ subscription to allow those who so wished to pay more on a voluntary basis in order to help us spread Socialist ideas by, for instance, sending free copies to public libraries up and down the country and to first-time contacts. We know that many of our readers have been prepared to do this — and we take this opportunity to thank them again — and no doubt there are others of you too who have not yet considered this easy way to contribute financially to spreading Socialist ideas. The new figure we suggest for this higher voluntary subscription is £15 but the exact amount, hopefully more, is entirely up to you.