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They said it . . .

  • It is tough out there in every industry— Michael Heseltine’s son Rupert after being made redundant
  • Conservatives do not stab people in the back—Rhodes Boyson MP
  • No aristocrat has ever died of this disease—Bert Connor, chairman of Clydeside Action on Asbestos.
  • The Prince and Princess of Wales do not have a bottomless pit from which to draw money—Buckingham Palace spokesman.
  • To be identified as the child of a politician is just terrible—son of a former Cabinet Minister and Chairman of the Tory Party.
  • If a woman upsets you, alright. It’s part of their function in life—Judge John Lee, Hereford Crown Court.
  • What we see is obscene and should not happen in a civilised society—Director of Kent Social Services on the homeless.