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50 Years Ago: Quick changes by the Communist Party

A few quotations from publications and speeches of the Communist Party of Great Britain:—

September, 1939.  “The Communist Party supports the war, believing it to be a just war which should be supported by the whole working class and all friends of democracy in Britain.”—(“How to Win the War“, by Harry Pollitt. published by the Communist Party.)

October, 1939. “We are against the continuance of the war. We demand that negotiations be immediately opened for the establishment of peace in Europe.”—(Daily Worker, October 4th, 1939.)

November, 1939. “This is an Imperialist war. like the war of 1914. It is a sordid exploiters’ war of rival millionaire groups, using the workers as their pawns in their struggle for world domination, for markets, colonies and profits, for the oppression of peoples. This is a war to which no worker in any country can give support.”— (Mr. Palme Dutt, “Why this War?” published by Communist Party, November. 1939. Page 12)

(. . .)

June 24th, 1941. “In view of the war that has been launched against the Soviet Union, it may be said that in a very short space of time there will be a considerable shifting of attitude. I am not the only one who will do the shifting . . . .”— (Mr. W. Gallacher, House of Commons. June 24th. Hansard, Column 985.)

June 26th, 1941. “Declaring that the Communist Party of Great Britain now stands for full co-operation with the Government in the defeat of the common foe. Mr. William Gallacher. Britain’s only Communist M.P., explained yesterday the new turn in his party’s policy. (Daily Telegraph. June 27th. 1941.)

“I admit we have called this a ‘monstrous Imperialist war’, but when there is an attack against the vanguard of the working class, the working class in every country must unite.’’—(W, Gallacher. reported in Daily Telegraph. June 27th. 1941.)

(“Notes By The Way”, Socialist Standard, July 1941.)