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50 Years Ago: Hitler the “Socialist”

One might almost gather from some of the speeches that the armies on both sides (not to mention the Finns and the Russians) are all striking a blow for Socialism.


Thus, Hitler in his speech at Berlin on December 10th. The following is from the report published in the Evening Standard (the morning papers the following day all appear not to have noticed this passage):—


  “Should Nazi methods be victorious, the ruling class in the democracies would have to renounce their dividends of 40 and 100 and 160 per cent. In Germany 6 per cent is the highest dividend, and 3 per cent of this has to return as taxes, while the remainder must be disposed of in the interests of the nation.”—(Evening Standard, December 10th.)

According to a further report published in The Times (December 11th). Hitler impudently described the Nazi programme as “our Socialist work of construction.” and contrasted it with what he said is the attitude of the ruling class outside Germany, who say:—”If we lose, our world capitalist structure will collapse, and the idea will spread among other peoples that labour is the decisive element.”


(“Strange Champions of Socialism”, Socialist Standard, January 1941.)