Poem: ‘Help The Aged’


    Well this here’s the story of old Jake Twist

    Who wrote him a letter to a Socialist.

    He said I do declare I like what I hear

    About free cigarettes an’ a glass o’ free beer.

    I was also told there’ll be no cash

    An’ I must confess it sounded pretty brash

    But when I got to thinking an’ usin’ my brain

    The whole of the Case became mighty plain.

    Singin’ Hey Ho — Watcha know!


    There’ll be no more fightin’ in these here hills

    An’ no more trouble ’bout old folks’ wills

    There’ll be nobody to lay down the law

    Cos there’ll be no point in robbin’ no more

    Well all o’ this sure does seem fine

    But you see I’ve reached the end o’ the line.

    I’m gettin’ mighty close on seventy two

    An’ it seems too old to be helpin’ you.

    Singin’ Hey Ho — Watcha know!


    Well Old Jake’s letter was put in the post

    An’ he settled him down to skunk on toast.

    Three days later there came a reply

    And what it said hit him in the eye.

    It said: Well ole man I’m ashamed o’ you

    Thinkin’ you’re too old at seventy two

    Y’oughta know it ain’t never too late

    Cos I’m still here an’ I’m a-ninety eight.

    So it’s Hey Hey — Watcha say!


Paul Breeze

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