Obituary: Horace Jarvis

Horace Jarvis died in hospital at Salzburg on Sunday 19th October after a heart attack a week earlier, brought on (as he described in a letter written on the day he died) by having done a twenty-five-mile walk and having had to rush to catch the last bus back to his hotel. He was 69.

Our comrade joined the SPGB in 1942, having many years earlier been expelled from the Communist Party. His article on why he joined the SPGB was published in the Socialist Standard for July 1975, and a recent publication of his, Christianity and Socialism, was noticed in the issue for April 1975.

Horace Jarvis was a man of great energy and varied interests, and he never tired of discussing the Party case and pushing Party literature wherever he went: with fellow chess enthusiasts, with patients and pupils at his clinic and school for osteopathy and physiotherapy; and on his frequent visits to a number of countries attending conferences in which he had a professional interest or on holiday. In the letter he wrote from hospital he told of long political discussions with contacts and strangers in Austria; also of contrasts he noted between hospital treatment in Salzburg and under the NHS in this country.

The Party has lost a tireless worker for Socialism We express our sympathy to his widow and two sons.

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