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The Whole Loaf

“It’s no good dealing with the symptoms. It’s the whole system that’s got to be torn up by the roots.”
“Band together to take it back from them. Let’s band together not to bargain but to own.”
“We’re not fighting for the crumbs between ourselves. You’ve got to go for the whole loaf.”
If we enter their House of Parliament on the backs of the Unions, they’ll just buy us off. We’ve got to hold out for the works — not the crumbs. Even if we force capitalism to eliminate poverty completely, the cancer will still be in the air. We’ve got to tear it out by the roots and build a new world.”

There are still erudite professors lecturing in colleges to-day who don’t understand now in 1978. what Tressell the housepainter saw so clearly in 1911.

From “The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists” by Steve Lowe, after the book by Robert Tressell, produced recently by the Joint Stock Theatre Group at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith.