50 Years Ago: Action for Socialism

Modern capitalist society is broad-based upon one central fact — the dominance and enslavement of the many by the few . . . This is the Socialist position. Not all of it, but its essence. The reason we have to repeat it many times, is because the bulk of the working class have never heard it, but few are moved into action. At the risk of wearying those who do understand, we have to iterate and reiterate the one central truth that matters. Our task would be easier if those who do understand, in all cases squared their actions with their belief and did the logical thing — joined the Socialist Party. Socialism is essentially a creed of action. Action, and organised intelligent action at that, is vital to its achievement and yet, there must be thousands of workers, perfectly convinced of the desirability, and of the inevitability of Socialism, who have never lifted a finger to bring it nearer.

It is these who are weary of our repetitions, but they should reflect, it is they who help to make them necessary. Let them take the first step that renders repetition unnecessary so far as they are concerned. Let them cease to wait for the ‘other chap’ to join, but be guided rather by logic and show the ‘other chap’ that you at least are a logical person.

(From an article “On Getting Tired” by Comrade W. T. Hopley, Socialist Standard July 1922).

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