Party News: The Socialist Party and War

Under this title the long-awaited new edition of this basic Socialist pamphlet, bringing the 1950 edition up to date, has now been published.

  • It explains that capitalist competition for markets, trade routes, sources of raw materials and outlets for investment is the basic cause of modern war.
  • It examines the recent wars in the Middle East, Nigeria and Vietnam, as well as the origins of the Second World War, to illustrate this.
  • It explains why mere anti-war movements are futile and that lasting peace and disarmament can only be achieved through world Socialism so that the struggle for Socialism is the only real anti-war struggle.
  • It explains also why the workers in all countries have no interest in fighting wars.
  • It documents the principled and consistent anti-war stand of the Socialist Party and contrasts this with the support for wars and preparation for war given by the Labour Party and the so- called Communist Party.
  • It exposes the futility of disarmament conferences and inter-governmental organisations like the League of Nations and the United Nations.
  • It describes the rise and fall of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and demonstrates the futility of such single-issue protests against one aspect of capitalism.

Copies can be had for 4s (20p) including postage. by writing to Dept. W The Socialist Party of Great Britain, 52 Clapham High Street, London, SW4.