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Letters: Practical steps towards Socialism

Dear Sir,

We would make our planet a better place to live at if we go on contributing our mite for making it a Socialist planet. Not mere seminars, forums or intellectual get-togethers on Socialism are enough, but some concrete steps towards Socialisation are required. In this respect I may, especially mention the establishment of certain villages and towns, on voluntary basis, based on socio-economic set-up, in which farmers and workers may work on mutually co-operative basis. Socialist schools and educational institutions may be set up to educate the people on the socialist principles. This I am suggesting, because it will facilitate our process of Socialisation. Moreover on a large scale basis, i.e. countrywide campaign, in the very beginning seems rather impracticable.

Remesh C. Sharma, 


Phagwara, Punjab.

We are familiar with arguments like Mr. Sharma’s for setting up co-operative communities within capitalism as a means of gradually replacing it by Socialism. However, we do not think that this is a practical proposition for the industrialised world, with its various powerful states, we now have. The major problems of today are world problems and can only be solved by the establishment of a world community, without frontiers, based on common ownership with production solely for use, not profit. A Socialist planet, as Mr. Sharma puts it.

Small co-operative communities might provide a pleasant way of working and living for a few, but they can never be a solution to the problems of wage-workers who live in big cities and work in big factories and offices. To establish Socialism requires the building of a strong, worldwide movement directed at winning political power for Socialism, in each country. Winning political power before carrying out the social revolution converting the means of life from class to common property is essential. For class property is maintained and protected by political power. To try to by-pass the state, thus leaving it in the hands of the enemies of Socialism, would have disastrous results.

We agree with Mr. Sharma that discussion alone is not what is wanted. We say that Socialism is possible now, and act on this assumption by devoting our energies to preparing the working class to win political power. Frankly, we think that setting up communities within capitalism is a waste of valuable time and energy.

Editorial Committee