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Party News Briefs

A Summer School will be held at Treetops Holiday Camp, Farley Green, Albury, Surrey, on Saturday and Sunday, 22nd and 23rd September. Full details are obtainable on application to the Social Committee at Head Office.


Bloomsbury Branch will meet weekly at 7.30 from Thursday, September 6th, at the North Room, Conway Hall. Discussions will be held after Branch business, each weekly discussion being opened by a member of the Branch. Comrade Gilmac will speak on the History of the Party for the first three meetings, September 6th, 13th and 20th. (The subject for the 27th September to be announced.)


Donations from Overseas.


The Overseas Secretary wishes to acknowledge the receipt of the following donations to Party Funds:


H. J ., Bermuda, £10 (£8 to Premises Fund and £2 to Overseas Propaganda expenses).


W. G., Rhodesia, £5 (Premises Fund).


J.O.B., South Africa, £1 (Overseas Propaganda expenses).


From Comrades in New Zealand, £17 (New Premises Fund).


Phyllis Howard