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Party News: Debate: Baxter backs out

Mr. Beverley Baxter agreed to represent the Tory Party in a debate with us and all details were arranged. We booked a hall, advertised the debate extensively, and now we are informed that “other engagements” prevent Mr. Baxter from carrying out his part of the contract. If we are to accept the plea put forward then we are at a loss to understand how Mr. Baxter came to agree to the debate without knowing that he already had an engagement the same evening, unless it is an example of Tory incompetence. We would remind Mr. Baxter that it is better to fight and run away than never to fight at all, because workers are bound to suspect that he who backs out after committing himself has no confidence in his ability to defend his case against the case put forward by the representative of the Socialist Party of Great Britain.

We will still hold the meeting as arranged so as not to disappoint those who have been misled by Mr. Baxter, and we invite any representative of the Tory Party who, unlike Mr. Baxter, has the courage of his convictions, to come to the meeting and put his party’s case against ours. Failing a Tory, a representative of any other party will be gladly given the same privilege. We know our case is sound and, therefore, we are not afraid to defend it against all comers.