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Party News: An Urgent Appeal

Up to the first week in June a total of £368 had been subscribed to the Provincial Organiser’s Fund. Although this is quite a good total, for which we thank all who have so generously supported the Fund, it is at the same time a little disappointing.

We hoped (and at one time it seemed possible) to reach the £500 mark by the end of the first year of the Fund — that is to say. by the beginning of August—but unless some wealthy sympathisers can be found and induced to dip deep into their pockets (an unlikely event), it appears that we shall have to admit failure. Perhaps we are pessimistic, and you will confound us by hitting the target and setting out on the second £500 before the end of the month! We are eager to be so confounded.

At the Party’s Annual Conference held at Easter, the assembled delegates overwhelmingly voted in favour of the appointment of a provincial propagandist/organiser, whose job would be the important one of assisting our provincial members to organise their propaganda in the most effective way, and to build strong units of the party able to stand on their own feet in the large industrial areas outside London. This appointment will be made an soon as possible, which means that at some time in the very near future it will be necessary to start drawing on the fund inaugurated for this specific purpose.

In view of this, reluctant as we are to ask you for money, we have no hesitation in making this appeal, and would particularly ask those of our readers who have not yet sent along a donation to make a real effort to do so without delay.

We are convinced that all who can help will readily respond if they realise the urgency of the matter. We assure you that it is an urgent matter, and a quick and ready response will enable us to go forward with the work we are determined to carry out, unfettered by financial handicaps.

£132 is still needed for the first £500. It’s up to you.

Donations should be sent to J. Butler, 298 Halley Road, Manor Park, E12, and marked ‘Provincial Organiser’s Fund.’ P.O.s, cheques, etc., must he crossed and made payable to the S.P.G.B.

A. Price,
Party Funds Organiser