1940s >> 1942 >> no-451-march-1942

Party News: To All Readers

In these days of rising prices and income-tax demands, we hesitate to exploit the generosity of members and sympathisers by making further appeals for donations to Party funds. Necessity, however, forces us to overcome our reluctance in this matter, since donations are the means whereby the machinery of our organised activities may be oiled. Our task is to make Socialists, and the only way to fulfil that task is by propagating Socialist ideas through the medium of our publications and propaganda meetings. As printers require payment, and landlords require rent, we must have the money to enable us to continue our activities.

Since the eaters of surplus-value have no desire to assist us in advocating their abolition, it will be obvious that few millionaires can be expected to respond to this appeal, therefore we must rely on the self-sacrificing efforts of that section of society in whose interest the fight for Socialism is carried on— that is, the working class. Our experience is that there are an increasing number of people anxious to hear our case, and with the disillusionment that will surely come to large sections of the working class as a result of the failure of other political parties to solve their problems for them, we are convinced that many of them will be eager to listen to the only organisation which promises them nothing, but urges them to organise on the political field, in order to bring about their own emancipation. For various reasons, many sympathisers are unable to actively assist us, but let us give them the assurance that every penny they can contribute will be put to the most effective use. Our task is vital. Don’t let it be said that lack of funds prevented us from carrying on. GIVE US ALL THE HELP YOU CAN.

Send donations to J. Butler, 298, Halley Road, Manor Park, E.12. P.O.s, cheques, etc., should be crossed and made payable to S.P.G.B.

A. Price (Party Funds Organiser).