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Parliamentary Fund

URGENT! For the past few months the Parliamentary Fund has shown an ominous tendency to fall. The reason may be that contributors have slackened off because the published figures of the Fund give the appearance of stability and suggest we have obtained nearly what we need. It is necessary to correct this view. The nett figure in our possession at the moment is considerably less than the published figures, and certainly low enough to embarrass us in going ahead, even with immediate plans.

Here is the position. Of the sum raised, £200 has been allocated for election agent’s expenses. The deposit is £150, so only the grossly inadequate sum of £50 is left for the agent’s running expenses. The agent’s allocation, naturally, has taken a large bite out of the sum collected. In addition, there has been the cost of increased propaganda, bill posting, handbills, and the circulation of an elaborately prepared leaflet, which has been distributed to the whole of the electorate in East Ham, N. There has been the purchase of 100,000 envelopes for preparation for the actual election. It can easily be appreciated, therefore, that the small nett sum of about £40, which we have at the moment, is dangerously inadequate for immediate working needs. Moreover, the agent’s allocation should — and must — be increased before the election.

The above may appear to be just a book-keeping record, but what must be remembered is that it expresses an account of (for us) intense activity. Remember, too, this activity must be increased tenfold during the next few months.

Records show that contributions to the fund are almost equally divided between Party members and sympathisers. We, therefore, appeal to all, particularly branches, to make it a routine business to send in contributions at least equal to those of 1937, and, where possible, to increase those figures by very wide margins.

We do not now appeal—nor do we argue—we expect it.

* * * *

Answers to three wise guys: —

Number One: The Socialist Party has not entered Parliamentary activity to test a cheap way of raising funds. We intend carrying out our obligations.

Number Two: We know that the £150 deposit is subject to forfeiture under certain conditions— our fund contributors know it, too. We do not know what the results of our new activity will be, but we have already collected sufficient material to hold a dozen or more inquests about it, which we shall—after the election. For the moment, the Parliamentary activity has widened our opportunities for all forms of our propaganda.

Number Three: Our new venture is not an indication that the Socialist Party is on the road of opportunism. The soundness of our membership precludes any such tendency. The example you give of a similar organisation, which applied for affiliation to the Labour Party, is evidence that that Party was essentially unsound, and that not because it had entered the Parliamentary fight. It is certainly no grounds for the impudent assumption or fear that we are travelling a similar road.

And let us be friendly and express the hope that we shall be in a position to thank you for a contribution in the May issue.
Parliamentary Committee.

Donations to Parliamentary Fund

The following donations to the Parliamentary Fund have been received: Previously acknowledged. £327 16s. 2d. (Donations to March 22nd, 1938); S.W., London. £2; W.E.B., 10s.; W.E.. 3s. 3d.; A.H., £1; D.L., 2s.; Chiswick Bch.. £1; Glasgow Bch., 10s.; W.L., 7d.; F.M., 7s.; W.R.. 9s.: M.G.. 5s.; W.T.H., 3s. 6d.; R.G.. 3s.; E G.. 2s. 6d.; Quartet, 5s.; Sympathiser. 1s.; North Wembley, 10s.; A.J.,2s.; Enderson, 2s.; Hackney, 5s. 6d.; Paddington, 5s.; P.R.H., 5s.; Dagenham, 8s.; A.Mc.P., Glasgow, £1; J.D., 2s. 6d.; G.F., 1s ; Neasden, 1s.; W.S., Leeds, 10s.; F.J.H., 10s.: W.A., Detroit, £1; F.W., Buxton, 2s. 6d.; M.P. Workers, £2 3s. 9d.; Eccles Bch., 5s.; A Friend, 6d.; R.L.O , 1s. 6d.; T.M., 7s.; Collins. Bexley, 2s.; Wade, 6d, ; E.C., 1s.; E.E.G., 1s.; E.L.D., 6s. 6d.; Tottenham and Wood Green, 15s.; Curtis, Putney. £1; W.J.B., 2s.; W.G.S., 5s.; H.D.. Cardiff. 17s 6d.: Guarantees, £3 9s. ; J.B., £1 5s.; G.. 10s.; Bloomsbur , £l; Total £352 15s. 0d.