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Party News: East Ham, North

The campaign in East Ham, North is gathering momentum Meetings are better attended and the persistent efforts put in by our propagandists is showing results in larger and interested audiences. There is evidence now that our opponents are taking our activities seriously. Their instinct is sound. We are serious. Incidents have occurred which arouses the suspicion that organised attempts are being made to make the running of our meetings difficult, if not impossible. Such attempts won’t succeed.

Anyone disagreeing with our case is allowed to question it or come upon the platform and state a case in opposition.

If our opponents have a case there is no need therefore for them to shout our speakers down. We have never been afraid of opposition and we are not afraid now. Socialist propaganda will thrive on it. We are democrats and have always practiced free and open discussion. We have never at any time favoured the stupid tactics of breaking up the meetings of any opponent. Such behaviour leads to the discredit of those who practice it. The banning of demonstrations in East London by the police is relatively fresh news. Workers who are wise will avoid giving any excuse to the authorities for the closing down of working-class meetings.

We appeal to all our members attending the meetings in East Ham, North, not to allow themselves to be provoked into doing anything which is likely to reflect on the time-honoured practice of the Party. Show by example, self-discipline and argument, that our democratic methods of running meetings are in the interests of the workers. The majority of workers who make up public audiences are intelligent enough to realise the importance of democratic principles and should quickly resent attempts by interested parties to prevent us from stating our case.

Arrangements are being made for a distribution of leaflets to the electors of East Ham. The first will be ready soon.

About that fund. You know we have set ourselves the job of getting £400 in a very short time. You have convinced yourself that you have contributed your share? Good ! Now set yourself this task. Imagine you are without a cent in the world. Imagine you have the most wonderful idea which could only be turned to account if you managed to raise a few pounds. What schemes your imagination would evolve to make good your poverty! Now imagine that idea to be our Parliamentary activity and the raising of funds your personal responsibility, and see how quickly your mind produces plans. We want members not only to give, but to plan how to raise money.

Get going! Think and talk Socialism! Interest others in our activities, and, be assured, you will get a kick out of seeing the results of your own efforts.

Parliamentary Committee.