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Party News: Parliamentary Activity

In a few months after launching our Parliamentary Fund we have almost reached the sum required by law for the election deposit. A great deal of the success in this is due to regular contributions from Party members and supporters. From some sources we receive guaranteed sums each month. Nevertheless, that part of the Parliamentary Fund which is from monthly guarantees is capable of expansion and improvement. Therefore, we urge Party members who can become guarantors to do so. If you have mislaid the guarantee form, let us know, and we will send you another. The advantage of a regular guaranteed sum each month is self-evident, it helps us to plan for the future. We do not expect all members or non-members to become guarantors, but we do expect all Socialists in or out of the Party to contribute in some way to the Parliamentary Fund.

In the past we have invariably used restraint when asking for money. No amount of money could stimulate some forms of activity. But in this instance money is indispensable, and we ask for it without hesitation or apology. Once having obtained the deposit, for obvious reasons we would hesitate to spend it. Yet there are many things we need urgently and immediately. We need to hire or purchase a propaganda van and to have wide distributions of literature. Above all, and very important under modern conditions, we must have a loud-speaker and amplifying apparatus (perhaps some friend could make us a present of this?) for outdoor meetings. Ordinary methods of propaganda must be supplemented in order to reach the immense numbers which constitute modern electorates. The cost will be heavy, but it is, nevertheless, unavoidable. We aim, therefore, to raise at least £400 before the end of the year. The question is urgent; though the present Government may last for at least two years, a general election could catch us by surprise at any time. We shall, therefore, not feel easy until we have this sum at least. It can be done. You, comrade reader— member or sympathiser—can make it possible; those odd pence, that small piece of silver, in addition to the welcome occasional £l or £5 (alas—so very occasional!) can make it possible. Do not be afraid that we shall exceed our needs. Quite apart from our present plans the Parliamentary Fund is permanent, and we look forward to the future, when we shall be able to have several Socialist candidates.

We are now. looking forward to a rapid increase in the fund. Many hesitated until it was apparent that we should quite easily get the deposit money, and that our entry into Parliamentary politics looked certain. And, friends and comrades, let it be clearly understood that, barring outlandish accidents, our candidate, or candidates, will enter the fray at the next general election.

As a reminder, the two non-members who promised at our Annual Reunion that they would donate generously when we raised the deposit can now do so with confidence. And we hope the donation will not be less than £l each. As a suggestion, will one hundred readers donate in units of £l ? There are numbers of our friends who cannot attend our meetings but who are willing to donate a few pence occasionally. To give them the opportunity, our members will shortly be carrying tickets at threepence each. Buy one. Every little helps.

And now, to all concerned. Send the donation you can afford, without us having to ask for it (but this we shall do). Having to write to you makes unnecessary work. To the many who have contributed, and continue to do so despite the many calls on their pockets for varied Party activities, we tender our grateful thanks.

Parliamentary Committee.

A Political Council has been formed to take over the entire job of organising and carrying out propaganda in East Ham North. It consists of propagandists, literature sellers and supporters of meetings. If you can do any of these your help is needed and expected. Get in touch with the Council and let them know what help you are going to give.

A meeting of the Council, to discuss plans for future activity, will be held at 42, Great Dover Street, on August 3rd (Tuesday), at 8 p.m.

Parliamentary Committee.