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Death Of An Australian Comrade

It is with deep regret that we have to record the death on March 26th of Comrade Richard Edwards, a member of the Sydney Branch of the Socialist Party of Australia, at the early age of 36 years.

Our comrade died from cancer of the stomach. He underwent an operation at the Sydney Hospital some eight months before his death, but was found to be incurable. Our comrade was unaware of this and recovered so well that he was able to return, for a while, to his work and to his activities in the Party.

Comrade Edwards was, in early life, an active member of the Seamen’s Union, but later worked ashore. He joined the Sydney Branch of the Party shortly after its formation and, until compelled to retire by illness, held office as Branch Treasurer, a position which he filled to perfection.

In losing Comrade Edwards the Branch has lost a member who could be relied upon in all he undertook to do, and one who was widely known and highly esteemed in the district in which he lived.

To his mother, his wife and daughter, and to his other relatives, we extend our deep sympathy.

The Sydney Branch of the S.P. of Australia.