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Party News: Our Parliamentary Fund

Our Parliamentary Fund is growing but it is not growing fast enough. The Party has decided to contest the East Ham North constituency at the next general election and a candidate has now been appointed. It is essential that our Socialist message should be spread as widely as possible in the constituency and the Party is determined to spare no effort in a propaganda push.

In order to make the most of the opportunity we sadly need finance. We want to hire halls and publish Socialist literature, and for this a good deal of money is required.

After all the Party is composed of working men and women and we put our hands as deeply into our pockets as we are able, but the depths of our pockets are not great. We therefore urge all who are in sympathy with our principles and our policy to spare what they can for our Parliamentary Fund so that our candidate can go to the poll with the knowledge that all those in the particular constituency understand who we are and for what we stand.

There has never yet been a candidate for Parliament in this country representative of nothing but Socialism. Surely it is worth while sparing a little cash to get the best result from the opportunity now offered.