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Book Review: The Reorganisation of the State

The Reorganisation of the State by P. J. Harwood, “Corona” Ovingdean, Sussex. Pp. 196. 1s.
In this book the author tries to explain what is wrong with the world and to suggest political and personal solutions. As a guide to the worker who seeks a way out of the morass in which he finds himself the book is worthless, owing to the failure of the author to approach the problem in a scientific manner. While offering his views on what the “State” ought to be, what ought to be the part played by “capital,” “individualism,” “socialism,” “ finance,” etc., Mr. Harwood clearly does not understand what the capitalist system of society is, how it works, and the way in which its parts are interdependent. This in turn is due to his inability to see that no useful examination and exposition can be made unless terms are properly understood and clearly defined. Most of Mr. Harwood’s terms are not defined at all, others are given meanings which merely serve to confuse the issue. Thus capital is defined as “tools and necessary preliminary equipment” (p. 67), a misleading definition which would make every social system a capitalist system. Socialism is defined as “combinations of individuals” (p. 97), which would include every football team and every capitalist company. This is not a book which can be recommended.
P. J.