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Received For Review

Marx’s Capital.
“Capital,” by Karl Marx. Allen 8c Unwin. 927 pages. 12s. 6d. Translated by Eden & Cedar Paul.

We regret that a review of this new translation of Marx’s great work cannot appear in this issue, as our comrade engaged on this review is seriously ill. The review will, however, appear shortly.

A New Edition.
“The Proletarian Revolution.” N. Lenin. (3s. cloth, Is. 6d. paper.) Modern Books, Ltd.

The above book was reviewed in these columns on its. first appearance. We then pointed out the weakness of Lenin’s arguments against Kautsky.

Since that time no attempt has been made to justify Lenin’s attitude. All we have is the repetition of Lenin’s phrases.

“A Source Book of Social Psychology,” by Kimball
Young. A. Knopf, 37, Bedford Square. 21s.