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Out of their own mouths are they convicted

“Reynolds’s” (4/9/21) publishes the following :


“A reporter in Edinburgh complimented the Prime Minister a few days ago upon his attendance at Divine Service morning and evening in that famous city,” said Bishop Weldon in the course of an interview. “I am one who cannot but look with regret on the growing laxity in the observance of Sunday.
“In country houses the Sunday is sadly often devoted to golf and tennis. The oblivion of God in society is responsible in no slight measure for the spirit of unrest in the working classes. The rich are always few, the poor are many; but if it is made evident to the poor that the rich have forfeited their belief in God and the future life, then it is as certain as any event can be, that the poor will claim a predominant share in the good things of this life as compensation for the loss of the hope which once centred in the life after death,” etc., etc.

G. H.