Answers to Correspondents

S. J. CRESSWICK (Kennington).—The policy of the Socialist Party is to convince the working class of the need for Socialism, and to organise them for its realisation. The Socialist finds all the forces of capitalism arrayed against him, and the tactics to be pursued in combating them depend at all times upon the stage of the economic and political development that capitalism has reached. One thing is certain, however—we can never ally ourselves with the enemy, but must wage unceasing war against him. We have no qualms about using any measure the capitalists provide, such as Suffrage, for instance, to prosecute that war to a successful conclusion. As to the support of a particular measure, that would be decided at the time according to its merits.

L. S. (Nottingham).—Just as on any other specific question, the Socialist Party would decide the action to be taken.

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