Mr. Long says our heroes died for German Colonies

We have been frequently told by those in authority over us that this war is not a war of conquest, but a war of right against might in order to make the world safe for democracy. This being so one is at a loss to understand why Mr. Walter Long, when addressing the Colonial Pressmen on the subject of the German Colonies, should have delivered himself of these words:

  I am here to-night to say that if these territories are returned to Germany the sacrifice of our heroes will have been made in vain. The spirits of those men will come from their graves and rebuke you if the Pen is so cowardly as to give back what the Sword has won.— “Daily News,” Sept. 27th, 1918.

After all is said and done it would appear to be a case of ‘‘Let him take who has the power and let him keep who can.” In other words, the endorsement of the gospel of might.
S. T.