Trade Disputes in 1904

The Board of Trade reports that in 1904 there were 334 disputes, affecting 83,922 workers. The aggregate duration in working days was 1,416,265. Wages were the cause of 66 per cent, of the dispute’s, affecting 55,955 people (67 per cent, of the total involved). Refusal to work with non-unionists and other questions of principle accounted for 15 disputes. It is alleged that 58 disputes, affecting 15,338 work-people, ended in their favour 161 (affecting 21,332 persons) in favour of the employers, while 105 cases (affecting 16,229 workers) were compromised. Taking the percentages based on the number of workpeople directly affected, the balance of success appears to have been with the employers.

Most of the disputes were settled by direct negotiation between the parties concerned or their representatives. Of the 334 disputes recorded, 214, affecting 57,043 workpeople, were thus settled. In 56 disputes, affecting 6,803 workpeople, the employers succeeded in replacing the workers, and in 26 disputes work was resumed by the workpeople without negotiations The number of disputes settled by conciliation and arbitration was 23, in which 5,902 workpeople were involved.

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