Tweedledum and Tweedledee

June 26, 2024

Recently a Daily Mail headline warned: ‘A Tory Wipeout Risks One-Party Socialist State’. Two things to be said here.

Firstly reference to the Labour Party in any of the forms it has taken in the 100-odd years of its existence as ‘Socialist’ is a complete misnomer. Labour’s purpose has always been to manage the profit-making system called capitalism, even if sometimes in a marginally different way from the Tories. In other words Tweedledum alternates with Tweedledee.

Secondly a ‘Socialist State’ is a contradiction in terms – socialism is by definition a world society without states, a moneyless, wageless system of voluntary cooperation and production for use not profit.

If you want to vote for socialism write “WORLD SOCIALISM” across your ballot paper.