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    A useful essay on Vietnam from Vietnamese anarchist activists.


    The problem with these Anarchist groups and personality is that they propagate the idea that Marxism and Leninism are both the same and that they are compatible. Before these groups gave an opinion about Vietnam the SPGB had already indicated that it was only a nationalist movement and we never supported the Vietcong and the so-called Vietnamese socialism


    In Vietnam exists what the leadership calls Market socialism, they have not done their homework yet because socialism/communism would be a world society without a market, therefore, what really prevails in that society is pure capitalism like in Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela. Tito in Yugoslavia also called it Market socialism


    I had to point out the ML contradictions of Marxist/ Leninists on TikTok only yesterday.

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    What contradictions? I am not a member of those places


    I don’t think his comment is about you, MS, but that he attacked the Leninists on Tik Tok for their claims


    I know that


    My apologies, i now see that you want him to fully explain the exchange he had on Tik Tok.

    Not my best of days, i’m afraid



    I thought we had a new party member…..only to find out he is a ML. So I posted the following:

    Marx: the emancipation of the working class must be the work of the working class. No top down.

    Lenin: workers will never understand socialism and the Vanguard of intellectuals is needed to lead workers……
    Lenin: The Bolshevik revolution brought in State Capitalism!

    Been getting lots of likes and followers…


    There are some Leninists who do not support the vanguard party concept, one of them is the Marxist Humanists, and some of them do not support everything that Lenin laid down, one of them is the International Communist Current


    There are many concepts that apparently were developed or created by Lenin, but historically they were developed by other personalities and political groups, the vanguard party concept and to control workers from the top comes from the Jacobin and Ferdinand Lasalle, and it already existed within the Second International and it was propagated by Karl Kautsky, the concept of imperialism come from Hobson, Hifelding, and Nikolai Bukharin, as well the concept of communism in one country and state capitalism

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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