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    Visitors to this forum can be forgiven for believing that our case is complicated. For example, we sometimes get carried away discussing the intricacies of Marxism. But the solution to our problems is not complicated at all.

    Here is an abridged version of the Socialist Party’s recent election manifesto. Please feel free to ask questions or comment on it.


    Why, when the resources exist to provide a decent standard of living for everyone, are we going through “austerity”?

    It’s because the present system is not geared to meeting our needs but to making profits for businesses and the rich people who own and control them. At the moment this capitalist system is in an economic crisis where profits have fallen. The only way out for the system is to restore profits at our expense.

    That’s why what our wages can buy has shrunk. It’s why benefits are being slashed.

    It’s the system that’s to blame, not those elected to run it. That’s why changing the politicians in charge makes no difference. As the saying goes, “changing governments changes nothing”. It will be like this as long as the profit system lasts. So there is no point in voting for parties that accept this system.

    The alternative is to change to a new system based on satisfying our needs, where the places where wealth is produced will no longer be owned by profit-seeking businesses but will be owned and democratically controlled by us all.

    Get in touch to help bring an end to the system that can never be made to work in your interest.


    I like it for its clarity and focus on the system.  Also such a short sharp message provides plenty of scope for the use of illustrations. Just hope the Election Dept. will consider using it at the next election it contests either as a pre-election leaflet or as the manifesto.


    Now posted on our blog


    I suggest that a simple straight forward Socialist Manifesto should be a 'sticky' and it should be the first thing visitors to the forum see.

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