Sino-US conflict – will there be war?

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    If you follow the other thread, Chinese Tensions, you’ll find a time-line of escalations and looming confrontations of a new Cold War that can be interpreted as a run-up to perhaps a hot war.

    Chinese Tensions

    We cannot avoid that national rivalries will always exist under capitalism, the trade routes of the South China Seas, building artificial islands to claim territorial waters and the development of the Belt and Road, the new Silk Roads and a very obvious encirclement strategy from the US and its allies with a new regional arms race.

    A visit and search of our African blog will also show the intense competition in a 21st Century Scramble for Africa for raw materials and natural resources.

    But I have also noticed that some in the anti-war campaign are allying themselves with the Chinese state regards Hong Kong protests and the Uyghurs being seen as pro-war propaganda by the West.

    Once again we are being offered the enemy of my enemy is our friend, and a denial of what some called Third Campism – a plague upon both your houses.

    Nor can we never take our eyes off other regions with other supposed enemies – Iran, the Russian threat to the Ukraine or the Arctic – the threat of of war or even the inadvertent accidental spark to a conflagration is ever-present.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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