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    Many of Trump’s enablers like Attorney General Barr or educational secretary De Veos are getting off lightly from the media as if Trump is the only one culpable.

    This article takes Pompeo to task for the policies he enacted. The whole Trump administration should be held fully accountable.

    Pompeo Escapes Without a Scratch


    What do you mean by “held fully accountable”? I though they were by being voted out of office. Or are you wanting a mass treason trial?


    Hung, drawn and quartered and then fed to the hogs would be too good…

    But i was really referring to the media, who appear to be a bit too sympathetic to the likes of Pence and Pompeo for eventually distancing themselves from Trump even though for 4 years they loyally carried out his wishes…and most probably advised him on many of the policies. It seems as the media wish to ascribe all the problems in America on to one aberration, and let their political system escape criticism.

    They will all be acquiring jobs for Wall St or the think-tanks and perhaps standing for the 2024 Republican Party presidential nominations. The media has a fickle short-term memory.

    I see John Bolton has not stopped his war-mongering against Iran


    Oh, and not to mention all those tell-all book-deals.

    Trump, of course, will return to reality tv, a broadcasting contract. No media organisation is going to turn down the potential of a regular 70 million audience.


    What else did/do you expect – that’s capitalism, innit?


    That is a good question, we can not expect anything different from capitalism and its leaders, the capitalist press, and ideologists, even more, they are doing what they have to do

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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