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    ALB wrote: “This Wikipedia entry about “non-fungible tokens” throws some useful light on the subject we are discussing here.

    Links to definition: “A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger.

    This is a theoretical definition, of a social product within our present day capitalist society.

    I think that Marx would argue that we can change both the definition and the product (the ‘token’) to suit our own interests, needs and purposes. That is, we can accept, amend or reject them, based upon our democratically-expressed views, just as we can any ‘metaverse’ that we produce.

    It’s certainly possible to imagine and produce a ‘metaverse’ that is entirely helpful to humans. Or indeed otherwise, if we want damage or danger to ourselves to be part of our lives.

    It should be our collective choice.


    I see that that Advertising Authority has banned an advert for this sort of thing by Arsenal Football Club Plc as being a sort of scam.

    So we are discussing here for once something they are also discussing down the pub.

    BD, hope you haven’t been taken in.


    ‘Non-fungible’ supposedly means ‘unique’.

    This is a claim that we know to be untrue, as anything that humans socially reproduce, they can replicate (even if initially it seems to be difficult or impossible – perhaps the breaking of the Enigma code by Bletchley Park is a recent example of this human ability).

    So, we can start from the premise that some capitalists are trying to pretend they have something ‘unique’ (and therefore, they claim, ‘valuable’, which they can sell to the unwary). ‘Non-fungible’ is a bluff.

    Perhaps this article gives a glimpse of where it will all end:

    Quantum hackers can bring down Bitcoin: expert

    Bijou Drains

    “BD, hope you haven’t been taken in.”

    No fear, I’ve got all of my money tied up in dutch tulip bulbs!


    Listened to a radio programme a couple of days ago which made me realise that what we have been discussing here is NFTs rather than the “metaverse”.

    The “metaverse” seems to be a possibly useful technological advance making long distance meetings easier or at least more congenial. In any event, it is not as such a scam.

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