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    This article by Andrew Kliman is worth recalling now it has been re-published on Libcom.


    “The Zuccotti Park occupation was a dismal failure. The functioning of Wall Street was not disrupted. Occupy Wall Street never occupied Wall Street. Even Zuccotti Park was “occupied” only with the consent of the mayor of New York City, and it was cleared out the moment he withdrew that consent. In the end, no autonomous space was reclaimed.”


    I like Kliman’s position on the “hollowing out of the state”. Surely the global state must be abolished through mass mandate by the slave class. Preserving whatever elements of the former apparatus as is useful for the future sane society. Unfortunate though that Kliman forgot to mention the original interview was published a year before the Occupy Movement sparked.
    To me only one good thing arose from that situation. Namely a slogan… “We are the 99%” which must have crystallised things somewhat in certain workers minds as to what class position actually means.

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