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    Xiomara Castro, wife of the former president Manuel Zelaya and a left-winger, to become president of Honduras and the first female leader in Central America.

    “We have turned back authoritarianism,” she told supporters and Castro promised to work “hand in hand” with the private sector.


    Similar to the Baseball game, they are replacing one pitcher or a batter for another one, and the workers are the ones getting the strikes, but the rules of the game are the same, they are replacing one pro-capitalist president for another pro-capitalist. Probably, she is going to work “pocket in a pocket ” with the private sector.

    China is going to be another winner in this election because several countries in Latin America are shifting their ties with Taiwan toward business and commercial relationships with China and the Biden administration has urged the government of Honduras to keep its ties with Taiwan, and Honduras is very poor country which is going to need international financing from the USA or China, like in the past Venezuela provided big loans

    She is the wife of Zelaya who is a member of the Honduran ruling class ( the leftist called Oligarchy which is the same ) and they are going to run their lumber business from the spheres of the state and to produce more profits, her husband was not deposed because he was a socialist, they were inter capitalists contradictions between the USA capitalist class and the Venezuelan ruling class which wanted to expand their economical tentacles thru all the region and replace the USA ruling class.

    Her husband and his family were exiled in the Dominican Republic by a deal made by President Leonel Fernandez and the Honduras government and the Brazilian embassy, later on, they tried to make a referendum but it was not a very popular idea. He was detained at the airport carrying a suitcase with $18,000.00 and he said that he did not know who placed that money on his luggage.


    During his government, several social democrats reforms were implemented and Honduras became a member of the ALBA which is promoted by Venezuela and Hugo Chavez, in reality, Chavez wanted to use Honduras as a channel of land communication with Panama and other Central American countries and the Caribbean ( Petro Caribe ) under the disguise of socialism of the XXI century.

    Alba was just a business capitalist cartel, like UNASUR ( Maduro created PRO SUR when some countries left their membership ) and the Banco del Sur ( Bank of the South ) all of them implemented by Venezuela or its allied for their economic expansion which the leftist called socialist internationalism. Probably, they need binocular because it clearly showed that they were implemented by the ruling class of several Latin American countries



    She is not using her husband last name which is zelaya if she is elected her husband is going to be the president of honduras it would be similar to the case of Hillary Clinton and bill Clinton


    Peoples ( traditional term ) fall in love with the leaders who promise them the sky living in the earth controlled by the market system, and when they can not comply with their promises they became frustrated and dissatisfied, and then they will go to the streets again to protests against the leader that they have elected. It is already taking place in Peru, and it is going to take place in Nicaragua and in Honduras. In Argentina probably the right-wingers are going to be elected again they already have control of the Senate and they have replaced the Peronists


    Just wait a few months and you will see workers protesting on the streets again. There is not even a magician able to resolve the problem that Honduras is facing at the present time



    The next president of Honduras is already changing gear before starting to drive the bus . On her campaign she said that she was going to cut ties with Taiwan and prioritize China, but now she is going to prioritize the USA. It looks like Joe Biden made her and offer that she was not able to refuse.



    In Honduras they have elected a so called Democratic socialist who does not even know what is the meaning of socialism. Socialism is democratic, there is not an antidemocratic socialism and a democratic socialism.

    In the political world there are only two tendencies: Reformists and revolutionary socialists and socialists by itself are revolutionary, those who advocate for a so called socialist government are reformists and those who advocate for a stateless society are socialists



    Another analysis made by the left

    Honduran “leftist” president-elect bows to Washington over Taiwan

    One week after her landslide victory at the polls, Honduran president-elect Xiomara Castro, universally described by both the corporate media and the pseudo-left as a “leftist” and “socialist,” has passed a litmus test imposed by Yankee imperialism with flying colors.

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