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    The president of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, has been assassinated in his home by a group of armed men carried out by an “armed commando group” that included foreigners claimed to be members of the US Drug Enforcement Administration.



    That thing about the DEA is only a smokescreen to present it as a drug problem, on the contrary, the drug traffic increased after the US invasion

    The president lived in an exclusive area highly protected by the military and the assassins were professionals people with high military training and they were using military weapons, he had already said that some forces were trying to kill him

    He was a lackey of the USA government and its corporations in Haiti placed in power by election frauds, as it was his predecessor who was placed in power by a plot conducted by Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Joe Biden, as well Hillary Clinton was part of the coup in Honduras that removed Zelaya.

    The USA rulers are talking about election frauds and stealing elections, but they are experts in that type of maneuvers in Latin America, and they are the ones who have killed and removed presidents in Latin America, as they did with Trujillo, they have removed their own lackeys when they become unpopular

    This is the second president in Haiti who has been killed, the first one provoked the military intervention of the USA using as a pretext for peace and democracy, the peace of the machine guns and gunboat diplomacy, they have tried the same type of operations in Venezuela trying to kill Nicolas Maduro but they have failed several times.

    The president of Haiti was very unpopular, and he has been governing by presidential decrees and practically he was a dictator, and he was related to the Duvalier regimes and his Tonton Macoute, similar to the SIM in the Dominican Republic


    https://actualidad.rt.com/actualidad/397351-detenidos-haiti-asesinato-presidente. According to this report from RT the assassins of the president of Haiti are mercenaries ( ex-paramilitaries ) from Colombia, Haiti and the USA. Many Colombian ex paramilitaries have participated in the combats in Iraq, Syria, Afganistan and Libya. The news center want to indicate that they were acting alone, but it is not true, in the same way that the assassins of Rafael L Trujillo in the Dominican Republic which were backed by the USA, and then, they were abandoned to be killed by Ramfis Trujillo


    Haiti’s government has requested that the United States send troops protect port, airport and gasoline facilities and other key infrastructure.

    “Another deployment of foreign troops to Haiti would be a disaster,” said Jake Johnston, a Haiti specialist from the Center for Economic and Policy Research thinktank. “To think that foreign intervention is a solution to this is mind-boggling.

    “Just look at the 2004 deployment of UN forces,” Johnson added, noting how that almost 15-year mission had failed to achieve its key objectives of creating a stable democracy with a functioning and effective police force.

    Johnston said he thought the US was unlikely to agree to send troops. “But when you look at the history, that is often the solution provided by the international community. So it is certainly a possibility.”



    Another Haitian president was killed in 1911 and the USA sent troops to Haiti. The USA has been trying to possession of Haiti since the time of Saint George Washington who was a slaves owner



    The peacemaker, the troubleshooter, and the policeman of the earth. The USA invasion of Haiti of 1915-1934, probably, 99% of the peoples in the USA do not know that historical passage. Everything about Haiti is Voodoo. CLR James book The Black Jacobins is a good read


    The assassination of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop in Grenada was used as a pretext to invade that country by the USA. Ronald Reagan said that it was a threat to the USA. A small tiny island was a threat to a country that possess more than 10,000 atomic bombs !!! Many peoples believed that stupidity. It was just part of the struggle between the capitalist soviet Union and the USA


    He was killed by his own bodyguards and he was tortured too. Joe Biden selected his own bodyguards.


    US Cannibals in Haiti

    US Cannibals in Haiti


    A week before the assassination, on the night of 29 June, 15 Haitians died in targeted killings, including political activists and journalists.




    Aristide returns to Haiti. Is Joe Biden trying to place Aristides back in power in the same way that it was done by Bill Clinton?

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