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    So it’s Macron versus Le Pen again in the second round in 24 April as in 2017. The candidate of the chauvinist Left, Mélenchon, came third with over 20 percent of the vote. The historic “socialist party” was reduced to less than 2 percent, less than the equally historic “communist party”. Bottom was the Trotskyite Lutte Ouvrière candidate with about 0.6 percent.


    Here’s the official result (scroll down):

    I see there was a second Trotskyist who finished second bottom.

    There were also 543,638 blank votes which will represent a conscious decision not to vote for any of the candidates.

    Although it wasn’t the main issue or the main reason why people will have voted the way hey did, some 55% voted for candidates who were opposed to NATO (the two right wing extremists, Mélenchon, the Communist Party and the two Trotskyists). That would mean that they wanted to put Butter before Guns, i.e were not prepared to pay the price in terms of an increased cost of living to support NATO’s proxy war against Russia.


    Just heard on the BBC radio 4 6 o’clock news someone who voted for Mélenchon in the first round saying he was going to vote Le Pen in the second on the grounds that when there is a choice between cholera and the plague you have to vote for lesser evil. (Actually you don’t, you have to run a mile.)

    It’s 16 minutes in here:

    The last time I heard this advice as to how to vote was during the 2002 second round between Chirac, the outgoing conservative president and Le Pen’s father. The Trotskyists were saying vote cholera by which they meant vote Chirac.

    Now, apparently, it’s his daughter who’s the lesser evil. Times change.


    The far right we’re defeated but their presidential candidate obtained more votes and support this time which means that she can win in the following election. There was a big absenteeism


    The presidential election was between the Right and the Far-Right which Macron won against Le Pen

    The National Assembly elections are between the Right and the Left. Will Macron get a working majority or will Mélenchon’s left-green alliance get the upperhand.

    At close of polls the abstention rate was 54%

    The left call themselves Nupes, which stands for New Ecological and Social Popular Union,


    Exit poll predicts 89 seats (out of 577) for the ex-National Front — a record for the far right.


    France is the best example that the workers around the world are moving toward the far right. France used to be the typical liberal bourgeois democracy and now is moving toward totalitarianism


    It’s confusing when people use the terms ‘left’ and ‘right’ to describe social as well as economic policy.

    After reading dozens of Socialist Standards, the consensus (in the SPGB) seems to be: Hard-Left = Leninists; Soft-Left = Greens, Corbynistas, the SNP; Soft-Right = Blairites, Liberal Democrats; Hard-Right = Conservatives, Reform UK.

    With that in mind, Macron is a hard-right social liberal; Mélenchon is a soft-left social liberal; and Le Pen is a soft-right neo-fascist. What do they all have in common? They’re all on Team Capitalism.


    In some way you are correct and we are wrong Left and right are irrelevant both are wings of capitalism. In France capitalist won and workers lost and they have elected their own class enemy


    Only just over 46% of the electorate voted. So over half weren’t convinced by any in the parade of clowns.


    In the USA the percentage of peoples participating in election is smaller, therefore, the rulers have been elected by many years by a big minorities of voters including the so called electoral college which also is a tool to be elected by a minority of voters, most presidents are not elected by the majority of the electorate voters, and right now they are doing all kind of tricks to make it smaller and they want to be an example of democracy for other nations. The UN should send electoral observers to the USA like they do in Latin America

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