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    A new collection of his writings is in preparation


    Historians are under the attacks in the USA, pretty soon Dr Donald Trump is going to say that Eugene Debs is distorting the minds of the peoples from the USA and the book must be banned like they used to do in the third world countries. He has not read anything about Howard Zinn and he has an adverse opinion about his book, A country who has been brainwashed for more than 250 years for right wings ideas and the capitalist ideology and now they claim that it has been influenced by the leftists, and the educational system is based on distorted historical  ideas and it is an uncritical society. Howard Zinn himself recognized that he was a criminal when he was a bombardier, and Richard Wolf has said that everything that he learned in Harvard University was completely wrong


    I thought that this imaginary interview with him during the 1912 presidential election when he was up against Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson abd the outgoing President Taft was amusing, especially the bit where he mentions capitalism and the interviewer moves on quickly. It’s only four minutes.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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