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    China Miéville talks about his book “A Spectre, Haunting: On the Communist Manifesto”

    China Miéville: Marx’s Communist Manifesto Has Much to Teach Us in 2023

    Q. …was Marx’s vision of communism realized in any form or shape under “actually existing socialism” regimes?

    A. Simply put, no…seeing those regimes as “communist” simply because they say so is absolutely absurd.


    Good for him, although he does seem to support various left-wing, i.e. non-socialist, organisations. From Wikipedia:

    “Miéville is active in anti-capitalist politics in the United Kingdom and has previously been a member of the International Socialist Organization (US) and the short-lived International Socialist Network (UK). He was formerly a member of the Socialist Workers Party, and in 2013 became a founding member of Left Unity. He stood for Regent’s Park and Kensington North for the Socialist Alliance in the 2001 United Kingdom general election, gaining 1.2% of votes cast. He published his PhD thesis on Marxism and international law as a book in 2005.”

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    Bijou Drains

    “He published his PhD thesis on Marxism and international law as a book in 2005.”

    Wonder how many copies that sold. I bet it was flying off the shelves.


    I have read three of his sci-fi books and they were very entertaining, especially Perdido Street Station. All about wacky dystopian worlds though and I can’t remember anything about socialism/communism in them.


    Here, for anyone who wants to go further into Marxism and Law, is a Party member (at the time) arguing with an SWPer on Pashukanis’s theory of law:

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